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Paris-Yates Chapel & Peddle Bell Tower
The University of Mississippi

Wedding Regulations for Use of Paris-Yates Chapel

Voice Mail: 662-915-2891

Use of the Paris-Yates Chapel for weddings shall be available ONLY to current students, alumni and their immediate families, current faculty and staff and their immediate families, and retired faculty and staff and their immediate families by using our electronic reservation form. Use of the Chapel requires a fee, which is explained below. The Chapel may be used in accordance with the terms of the University’s Wedding Contract for using the Paris-Yates Chapel for weddings. Please contact our staff by e-mail at if you have questions or review our FAQ page. Use of the chapel is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Weddings must be scheduled by using the electronic reservation form located at Weddings can be scheduled only one year in advance on the first day of the month in which the desired wedding date falls. For example, on July 1, 2098, you can schedule a wedding for July 20, 2099. A wedding may also be scheduled up to two weeks before the desired date. Please be mindful that others are looking at dates for their wedding, and we accept reservations based on the date and time submission of the reservation form. In order to fully secure the wedding date, the following will be required:
    1. names of both parties to be married,
    2. must have affiliation with the University as student, faculty, staff, alumni,
    3. a non-refundable fee (see below),
    4. a specific day and time requested on line, and
    5. a signed contract agreement to abide by all policies and guidelines for use of the Paris-Yates Chapel.
  2. The undersigned must pay a fee of $1500 for the use of the Chapel. This includes the non-refundable deposit of $500 payable to the University of Mississippi upon reserving the Chapel and the $1000 balance due 30 days before the scheduled ceremony.

    Check should be payable to: The University of MississippiMail the $500 non-refundable deposit and the final $1000 balance to:
    Office of Professional Development, Events and Services
    Office of Outreach
    Jackson Ave Center, Ste. L, Office L08
    P.O. Box 1848
    University, MS 38677

  3. All wedding rehearsals must be scheduled on the Friday evening of the weekend of the wedding and shall last only one hour due to other scheduled rehearsals. Rehearsals for Saturday weddings may be scheduled in one of the following time slots on Friday:
    5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  4. Weddings may be scheduled on available Saturdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. These hours will be strictly enforced. Please plan the time of your wedding accordingly. The Chapel will be available at the beginning of the reserved time period and all decorations and other preparations must be set up and removed within the time period. Clean-up must begin immediately after the end of the wedding ceremony and be completed as soon as possible. When the last member of the wedding party leaves, the Chapel must be left clean and in order.
  5. Building capacity may not exceed 200 people, which is in accordance with state fire codes.
  6. The Chapel does not provide a minister for the marriage ceremony.
  7. Any fees for musicians are paid directly to the musicians.
  8. All programs must be picked up from the pews before leaving the Chapel, and the pews should be checked for left items.
  9. No candles are allowed, except ceremonial candles (such as a unity or a memorial candle), on the altar table. Electric candles are allowed.
  10. The podiums cannot be removed.
  11. Real and/or silk flowers may be used but must be removed immediately following the ceremony. If the couple desires to have flower petals dropped down the aisle, real flower petals may not be used. Silk or artificial petals may be used, which must be picked up after the ceremony as part of the clean up. There is a permanent hook on the front door of the Chapel which may be used for flowers. There is also an iron and marble table in the front foyer for the guestbook and on which flowers can be placed. This table cannot be moved from its position at the front door.
  12. Nothing shall be hung from the walls.
  13. Only ribbon may be used to secure any decorations to the pews. Tape may not be used. Care will be taken to avoid marring the finish of the pews. The pews have a piece of stained molding on the top, so most pew clips or signage stands cannot be used on this design.
  15. Only an approved organist may play the Chapel organ and/or carillon. The list of approved organists will be sent to you after the electronic reservation form has been received, or it can be obtained by contacting the Director by e-mail at
  16. The Chapel has a piano to be used for your ceremony but you must contact the Director of the Chapel in order to request use of the piano because it must be unlocked on the day of the rehearsal. The Chapel also has a CD/tape player, which you will be required to manage yourself. The Department of Music at the University is also an excellent resource for musicians and/or vocalists: 662-915-7268.  They can explain fees.
  17. Food and beverages are prohibited in the main Chapel. No alcoholic beverages may be served on the Chapel grounds.  Snacks and beverages may be used by the wedding party in the auxiliary building while preparing for the wedding but must be part of the cleanup after the ceremony. The auxiliary building has a refrigerator and sink. Trash bags will be provided for clean up.
  18. The connecting Quadrangle and fountain immediately behind the Chapel cannot be reserved for weddings or receptions.
  19. Use of rice or confetti is prohibited. Bird seed or real flower petals are allowed outside.
  20. CLEAN UP: THE CHAPEL MUST BE LEFT AS IT WAS FOUND – CLEAN AND IN ORDER. All items you bring in need to be taken with you when you leave. The University of Mississippi, nor its agents, contractors, or employees, are responsible or liable for the loss of or damage to any personal property left behind in either the main Chapel or the auxiliary building. It is your responsibility to gather and remove all your belongings prior to you vacating the premises. We will not store or hold any property left behind.
    You are not required to vacuum and dust, but we ask that in the main Chapel:  remove all flowers, pick up all items brought in by the wedding party, such as programs, etc., check the pews for left items, such as keys, cameras, purses, etc.
    When the auxiliary building is used for getting ready, we ask that you either use the trash bags provided for picking up hangers, plastic, and leftover food and drinks, or take those items with you. The physical plant will pick up any trash bags you’ve left behind. Please simply clean up after yourselves by taking all items with you brought in by the wedding party or by using the trash bags provided. Trash bags may be left in the kitchen of the auxiliary building. Please do not leave unused food or beverages in the kitchenette or the refrigerator or freezer. Please take them or put them in the trash bags provided.
  21. Cancellation of reservations can be made by electronic cancellation form located at
  22. Parking for the wedding weekend: Parking Passes will NOT be required for the day of the wedding and your guests can park in the parking areas near the Chapel at no charge. If you choose a 5:00 p.m. Rehearsal time, Parking Passes will be provided for Friday evening in the parking near the Chapel for your wedding party. The Director of the Chapel will meet with the wedding party at the Chapel within three weeks prior to the wedding to discuss details and special requests for the wedding. This is negotiable depending on family circumstances due to travel, etc. Please e-mail the Director at to arrange a date and time, Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. If you have questions prior to that, please contact the Director in the same manner.  It is helpful to have one contact person with whom to communicate questions and concerns to the Director. Please provide that name where designated.
    The Chapel is a very busy place during the week.  Many groups use it for meetings or events. Wedding party members may visit the Chapel on their own prior to the wedding; however, we ask that if you do so, that you are quiet and orderly while there so that others using the Chapel during the week for meditation are not disturbed. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Be sure to purchase a parking pass.
  23. The Chapel is closed on Saturdays except for the wedding parties who have reserved and paid for that time and space. Please do not visit the Chapel on Saturdays while planning your own wedding.  If there are weddings on that day, the Chapel is not open to the public.  If there is not a scheduled wedding that day, the Chapel is locked.  Please do not attend weddings if you have not been invited by the wedding party.
  24. Familiarize yourself with Visitor Parking locations and regulations if you plan to visit campus as you address issues about your wedding. Visitors must have a visitor parking pass that can be purchased at the 4-way stop at the Grove/All-American Drive/Grove Loop OR online prior to your visit. Visitor Parking spaces are located at the Circle, or you can park elsewhere on campus near the Chapel if you have a parking pass. There is metered parking across from Martindale Student Services and in the parking garage on Hill Drive behind the Pavilion. If you don’t have a Visitor Parking Pass, you will receive a ticket.